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Textile Pests

textile pest

Damage to fabrics is caused by the larvae of textile pests. They feed on natural protein called keratin which is found in wool, silk, and feathers. These insects eat the keratin even when mixed with man made fibres.

The two main textile pests are Varied carpet beetle and Common clothes moth.

Varied carpet beetle

These are small beetles usually 3mm long.

The larvae are slightly larger and sometimes called “woolly bears” because of their hairy appearance.

Common clothes moth

Adult moths are about 10mm long and golden in colour.

The larvae are about the same size. The first signs of an infestation is the damage they do to fabrics. Holes appear in garments, rugs and carpets.

How to deal with this group of pests

  • Infestations are prevented by regular and thorough vacuum cleaning – move furniture regularly
  • Dry clean garments before storing
  • Rotate and air clothing regularly
  • Use Cedarwood balls or Lavender to deter moths where clothes are stored

It is possible to treat infested areas of carpet with a domestic pesticide.

Always read and follow carefully the instructions on the product. We cannot be held responsible for your misuse.

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