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Solitary bees

Masonry bees and Leaf Cutter bees nest in a wide range of cavities some of which they excavate themselves. The nest is constructed of sand grains or plant fragments and these are glued together with saliva. Solitary bees are normally harmless as their sting does not penetrate human skin.

Honey Bees

These insects are providers of honey and are beneficial pollinators.

Honey bees rarely present problems as pests. However, during May and June feral swarms can sometimes be a problem in undesirable locations such as wall cavities, shrubs or trees. We always recommend contacting a Bee keeper.

Honey bees have a barbed sting and die once they have used this. They will sting when provoked. Attempts to kill them will provoke them.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are social insects: they live in a colony with a queen and her workers. Some species nest underground in abandoned rodent burrows, while others nest just above the ground in dense grass or leaf-litter. see the Bumble bees website for more info.

What to do if you have a bees nest

If possible leave Bees to thrive alone as they are rarely aggressive and their presence is beneficial for gardeners and their crop.

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