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Workplace decontamination

Surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 present a high risk of infection and pose a significant risk to health.

We use products compliant to EN 14476 that will significantly reduce this risk.

We use an ‘Ultra-low volume’ machine (ULV) that produces a biocide droplet particle smaller than a fog but larger than an aerosol. This means that the biocide effectively reaches the whole area to be decontaminated

The ULV machine delivers the biocide to all surfaces and remains active for an hour post treatment killing COVID-19 along with other viruses and bacteria.

Large areas are treated in a relatively short time, this means it is an efficient and effective treatment method and provides peace of mind for employees and employers

Commercial Services

We work with all business sectors to provide solutions to their pest control needs. Find out how we can help you and your business today.

Domestic Services

Have a pest control problem at home? Find out more about our ethical service designed to solve your pest control needs

Included with every commercial and domestic service.

Risk assessment

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What our customers have to say

"Pestcall have given us a high quality, professional and reliable service since January 2001. During those years when we needed help or advice they responded with speed and efficiency. I like the way they keep the documentation concise, and the way they keep me informed about pest issues and treatments on my site. I can therefore recommend their services without hesitation."

Danny Harratt - Building and Services Manager - Glyndebourne Productions Limited

Our commitment to being an ethical business

  • We are members of the British Pest Control Association.
  • We are dedicated to reducing paper consumption and use electronic means of communication whenever possible.
  • Organic pest control - we work within the guidelines on pesticide use as laid out by the Soil Association.
  • We work with clients to minimise the risks of pest infestation, and provide advice on best practice.
  • We aim to keep waste materials to a minimum.
  • We aim to reduce the use of pesticides wherever possible.
  • We respect all wildlife.

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