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Commercial Services

Commercial “exterminator” - a term often used in connection with pest control. However extermination is only one part of our business.

Our focus is on good business practices and we work with our customers to achieve this.

Included in our commercial pest control services

Risk Assessment

Before we start our pest control services a risk assessment is carried out and agreed with our client. The assessment considers current legislation including the Health and Safety at Work etc.. Act 1974.

We also undertake an environmental assessment to evaluate the impact of biocide use on the environment.

Detection System

When Pestcall is contracted to monitor and maintain an area we agree to a schedule of visits based on the potential for pest infestation. Pestcall then installs detectors in ‘high risk’ areas that monitor pest activity; these are checked during each inspection.


Upon completion of an inspection or treatment Pestcall provides a report. The report contains:

  • details of pest activity found.
  • immediate action taken and subsequent action needed to address the problem.
  • details of pesticides used.
  • advice on good practice.

In line with our programme of continual development, we are working towards implementing an electronic reporting system.


What our customers have to say

"Pestcall have given us a high quality, professional and reliable service since January 2001. During those years when we needed help or advice they responded with speed and efficiency. I like the way they keep the documentation concise, and the way they keep me informed about pest issues and treatments on my site. I can therefore recommend their services without hesitation."

Danny Harratt - Building and Services Manager - Glyndebourne Productions Limited

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