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Domestic Services

Our domestic pest control services cover all major pests including rats and mice, wasps and hornets, garden ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, squirrels, seagulls and feral pigeons

Our domestic pest control services cover

Rat and Mouse Infestation

Pestcall provides a thorough inspection which identifies the infestation and potential problems. Our treatment programme is professional and rapid. We also provide advice to help limit future problems and re-infestation.

Wasp & Hornet Nests

Pestcall are experenced in dealing with most situations i.e. whether the nest is indoors or outside.

Pestcall operate primarily in the commercial business sector, but we do provide help in domestic situations.

Using household pesticides

There are a limited number of pesticides available for use in the home, these can be found in all good hardware stores. In order to safeguard yourself and the environment you should read the instructions carefully and follow them precisely.

Council Environmental Services

Your local council environmental services department may provide pest control free of charge or at a reduced rate. Please contact your local council office or check their website.

What our customers have to say

"Pestcall have given us a high quality, professional and reliable service since January 2001. During those years when we needed help or advice they responded with speed and efficiency. I like the way they keep the documentation concise, and the way they keep me informed about pest issues and treatments on my site. I can therefore recommend their services without hesitation."

Danny Harratt - Building and Services Manager - Glyndebourne Productions Limited

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